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The Springfield Republican Committee of Springfield, New Jersey (Union County) is an enthusiastic political organization that plays an instrumental role in the democratic process on the municipal, county, state, and federal level.  We have many members who help carry on the rich history and traditions of our community as elected officials, appointees, and volunteers.

The party is essential to the operation of our government and to ensure the success of elections.  Members come from different walks of life and all our welcome because we share a belief in the Republican Principles.  This common bond provides for a large group of friends dedicated to improving our community and way of life.

Everyone in our group has a role.  Some are party leaders, community leaders, elected officials, candidates, political enthusiasts, legal experts, financial advisors, poll workers, campaign volunteers, etc.  If you are interested in joining or helping, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We don’t require commitments, there is no pressure, and we believe in a fair and democratic process.